The CAD2000 s.r.l is a legally company constituted in 1992 as SnC, later turned into SrL in December 1999.

CAD2000 S.r.L. performs activities' of:
· design of civil and structural concrete;
· evelopment executive structural elaborate and reinforcement;
· sfeasibility studies;
· reliefs and refunds graphic;
· operations on land.


Surv. Marco De Lucia
Eng. Fabio Torri

Offered Services

  • Civil engineering
  • General lay-out    
  • Assembly
  • Detailed drawings
  • Bill of quantity
  • Technical support


The areas mainly affected by the works designed by us are:

- chemical and petrochemical
- oil
- metallurgical and steel
- food
- water treatment
- housing and commercial
- roads'
- rail (high-speed and metro)
- infrastructure (Mose System - New interventions to safeguarding of Venice)

Our structure 'that they can cope with different design requirements relating to:
- general studies, lay-out
- architectural
- reinforced cocrete structures and steel structures for civil and industrial buildings
- various works in reinforced cocrete structures and steel structures for industrial plants
- roads with related works (overpasses, underpasses, siphons etc.)

People and Resource


· Senior designer n°6
· Junior designer n°6
· Civil planner n°4
· External proffessional people


· n°10 CAD station
. n°2 TEKLA station
. n°1 MIDAS station
. n°1 ROBOT station
· n°1 laser printer A4
· n°1 laser printer A3
· n°1 plotter designjet A0


· Inventor 3D
· Autocad R.2014
. Auto C.A.
· MicroStation
. Midas
. Robot
· Tekla Structures
· Customized menu for civil works
· Windows 2000/server 2003 - Office
· Primus for material's bill
· STR VISION for material's bill and work contability